Be a leading provider of scalable, reliable and sustainable feedstock solutions for the biofuels, biopower, biogas and biobased product industries.

NexSteppe is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of scalable, reliable, cost-effective feedstock solutions for the biofuels, biopower and biobased products industries. Using advanced breeding techniques and cutting-edge analytical technologies, NexSteppe is developing biomass sorghum and sweet sorghum to produce feedstocks tailored for these biobased industries.

Our Palo Alto biomass sorghum hybrids provide a high-yield, low-moisture, cost-effective feedstock for biopower, including biogas, and cellulosic biofuels. Named for the city where the company was founded, NexSteppe’s Malibu sweet sorghum hybrids have been optimized to provide an easily accessible source of fermentable sugars for the production of biobased fuels, chemicals and products. NexSteppe is also refining crop management practices and supply chain operations to provide optimized, fully-integrated feedstock solutions.

Through the development and commercialization of these tailored crops and integrated feedstock solutions, NexSteppe is laying a foundation for a sustainable and secure future for our economy, our environment, and our energy supply.