dedicated to sustainability

NexSteppe is laying a foundation for a more secure and sustainable future for our economy, our environment, and our energy supply.




  • Wholly committed to a particular course of thought or action; devoted.
    NexSteppe is dedicated to developing and commercializing sustainable feedstock solutions for the production of biofuels, biopower and biobased products.
  • Designed for a particular use or function.
    NexSteppe is a purpose-built company developing tailored, dedicated crops and supply chain solutions specifically for the needs of our grower and biobased industry customers.




  • The capacity to endure.
    The crops that will first enable and then sustain the biobased industries are high-yielding, non-food crops with low-input requirements and a wide geographic range.

    NexSteppe is pioneering the development of seed and supply chain solutions for these crops, thereby improving environmental sustainability, economic growth and energy security.