NexSteppe Sorghum Products Approved for Commercial Sale in the European Union

Posted on March 13th in Press Releases

PHOENIX, Arizona March 13, 2017 — NexSteppe Inc., a company dedicated to pioneering the next generation of sustainable feedstock solutions for biobased industries, announced today that the European Union has fully approved two NexSteppe Sorghum hybrids for commercial sale in the region. One of the two hybrids is optimized for low cost conversion for biopower in biomass boilers and the other hybrid is designed to increase biogas production in anaerobic digesters.

“Europe is a key region of growth for NexSteppe. We appreciate this recognition by the German Bundessortenamt (BSA) and the EU government that our hybrids make a significant contribution to the European Bioeconomy,” says Anna Rath, NexSteppe CEO. “We believe that NexSteppe Sorghum offers a compelling and complementary alternative to maize as the European Union seeks to achieve Greening Policy objectives and diversify the types of crops planted in the region.”

With approval by the German Bundessortenamt (BSA), reciprocal registration allows for commercial sale in all EU member states. NexSteppe is in active conversations with growers and other industrial players in the European Bioeconomy who are seeking the kind of competitive economics and superior environmental performance that NexSteppe Sorghums are able to provide.

Industrial players and researchers also recognize the benefits of NexSteppe and other sorghums for energy production. According to a leading biogas producer, NexSteppe Sorghum has a very high potential to be used as biogas substrate with “equal fermentation qualities and similar gas production [to] corn”. External research papers on Biogas Economics also highlight how “Sorghum performs better than maize both economically and environmentally.” [Biomass and Bioenergy, 2016].

All of NexSteppe’s product lines feature a variety of hybrids that are adapted to different environments and seasons, thus they can provide a wide range of maturities to meet varying customer harvest-window profiles. “Our early maturing hybrid, NX D61, is perfect as a rotational crop and can help growers either as a full season or as a secondary crop to meet many EU policy initiatives, including the new fertilization laws. In addition to lower fertilizer needs, our growers have reported that our sorghums require significantly lower inputs than traditional row crops.” says Jason Blake, Vice President of Business Development for Europe, North America and Africa. “Lower input costs enable farmers to reduce costs and increase margins.”

NexSteppe’s Palo Alto biomass sorghum hybrids are optimized to provide a high-yielding, low-cost biomass feedstock. The company’s advanced breeding programs design hybrids that meet the needs of biopower and cellulosic biofuels industries while offering growers compelling economics. With high yields, low inputs and low moisture levels at maturity, NexSteppe hybrids reduce costs and enhance grower margins while delivering a high quality biomass product to market.

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