Anna Rath Named in Brazil’s 100 Most Influential Executives…

NexSteppe CEO has been named as one of Brazil's Top 100 Most Influential Executives in Energy in an award promoted by Full Energy Magazine.

Anna Rath receives the 2016 BIO Rosalind Franklin Award

The Rosalind Franklin Award was established by BIO to honor an outstanding woman in the field of industrial biotechnology

Biomass production with sorghum (Portuguese)

South America NexSteppe VP Ricardo Blandy talks about biomass production using sorghum

NexSteppe chosen as the best “great green” startup…

NexSteppe chosen as the best "great green" startup at Fortune's 2014 Brainstorm Green Conference

Sorghum as a Bioenergy Crop

Opportunities and Management of Sorghum as a Bioenergy Crop

Sweet Sorghum (Portuguese)

Next Generation BioFuels Feedstocks ~ REDE RECORD GOIAS (Março 2013)